158 days to go

I’ve been meaning to post much sooner yet life and work seems to always side track me. I will soon need to update my username from mommyto1 to mommyof2 πŸ™‚ We are 17 weeks pregnant now. It’s been quite a journey to say the least. I’ll post some additional entries of a few major points I’ve wanted to post about very soon!! This pregnancy has been full of morning and evening sickness. I thought the first pregnancy was bad but wow…nothing could have prepared me for this. Β Most people at work still do not know I’m pregnant and I’m almost half way through. I’m not sure why but it’s nice to still have something I can keep to myself. A little secret I can for the most part keep to myself. My boss knows as well as a few coworkers but no one else and it’s nice to not have tons of questions. I know people mean well but sometimes it’s nice to just only worry about work at work. No drama. No interruptions. Just focus on work.

My my daughter is so excited for the new sibling!! We still do not know the gender yet and I cannot wait to find out. We hope it will be in just a few weeks!! I really would like to complete the family with a little boy and my husband keeps saying he just wants it to be healthy!

I’ll keep this short for now but will be posting much more of my journey soon πŸ™‚


In memory of Grandma

Throughout my entire childhood, the one thing I remember about my grandma was her love for sewing. After her passing last year, my Aunt and Cousin graciously passed my grandma’s sewing machine on to me. I have always loved her sewing machine as I remember many nights sitting beside her, playing with the scraps of fabric that hit the floor. Those are just some of the many great memories that I had with my grandma. When I placed the beloved sewing machine in my craft room, I always had this idea that I’ve finally been able to complete (well one so far).

One thing that always fascinated me was the hundreds of patterns my grandma had. Years and years of collected patterns that after using several times ended up in bags or boxes. Now for me, I would go through the boxes and look at just how much styles have changed. I was born in the 80’s so I could see at least 40 years worth of styles.


My goal was that I wanted to display some of the patterns above the sewing machine. So far I’ve only made 1 but I’m planning on making 3 more. I wanted to display the pattern packaging but also the pattern itself. Here’s how it turned out….



Update 3/11/2017- I am thrilled this post is so popular. Since the birth of our son I’ve had to temporarily move my Grandmas sewing machine to our bonus room until I can complete my craft room above the garage. Our daughter is old enough now to help me create a few new pattern pictures so in the next few weeks I’ll post some new examples!

Thanks for visiting!!! 😊

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

So here goes…. My hubby, which I must say is the best hubby in the world, helped me with building a tomato cage Christmas tree. Could I have done this myself or with my daughter? Absolutely! But it was so much fun making this with the hubby!

Here are the items you’ll need:
Tomato cage
Plant container
Tie wraps ( aka cable ties or zip ties)
Christmas lights
Drill (optional)

Step 1) set your tomato cage inside the plant container (aka planter pot) to ensure it will stand up inside the pot. Use your first tie wrap to secure the legs of the cage together so that it begins to look like a tree.

***optional step is to use drill to drill holes around the edge of the planter so you can use the tie wraps to secure the cage to the planter which we did.***



Step 2) Begin wrapping your garland around the bottom edge of the cage/the top of the planter. (We used garland which has the lights in it which made it a lot easier.)

Step 3) As you start wrapping the garland, you’ll begin using the tie wraps to secure the garland at each ring on the cage. This keeps the garland in place so it won’t slide down.

Step 4) Once you get to the top continue looping the garland over the top and tuck in the last bit around a layer that is already secured. You may choose to use a tie wrap at the end as well .

Step 5) Enjoy your new tree! We kept ours plain for now but I may add some ornaments soon.


Happy Monday

I have a few thoughts for today however I’m going to do my best to limit this to one. How do you know if someone is a true friend or is only using you?

Do you hear from the person frequently or are you always the one making contact? Through high school and college I found myself thinking oh all these friends I have, yet they were simply “hi how’s it going” types of friends. These are the type of people who aren’t going to be there for you when something goes wrong. They want to have you as a friend however you are always the first one or only one making contact.

“We always go out but I pay like 80% of the time…what’s up with that?”
This is called someone is just using you for money. Now if you always make a point to say only 1 check or I have this, then don’t complain… It’s your own fault. But if the person always says hey can you get this one? Then you may have encountered a mooch. This type of person is keeping you around for perks of the friendship but not giving in anyway to benefit you.

Do you have a person who will call you at random times just to see if you are okay and how things are going? Do they truly care about your feelings? This one can be tricky. Either 1 they want to hear the juicy gossip or 2 they genuinely care about you. If they really do care the you know you have a good friend. If they pick you for information about what is the word on the street then they don’t care about you…they really are just looking for a way to make their life not to look as bad or crazy.

I knew someone a while back that would call to see how things were going and knowing that I was going through some stuff kept dwelling on the bad things and didn’t care to hear the good things like how my child had learned something new at school. She would continue to ask questions to pry into my personal life and then go behind my back and tell the rest of the world. This is what I call a noisy snoop friend. You have to be very careful of these “friends” because they are only out for themselves.

So you may wonder how many friends do I really have? If you take away the users and the skallywag want-to-be friends, you’ll probably have about 10 people you can say you can really count – if you are lucky!!!

So next time you go around people you think are your friends take a moment to look at the situation as an outsider. Can you trust them? Would you do anything for them, as would they for you?

Remember you’ll find true friends in your life but make sure to keep the “others” at a distance.

Signing off for tonight and sending love to my true friends!!! Thanks for reading!

Thought for today 1/26/2013

Lots of people wonder what true love is like. How does it feel? Well I had a moment earlier that made me smile. As I was looking in the mirror, I could see that I have changed. I can see some wrinkles now. My eyes have dark circles under them and I don’t feel I still have that youthful glow. Even with me seeing these wrinkles, every morning before my husband leaves for work, he kisses my forehead where some wrinkles now appear. We have been together for years but every morning he still kisses me as though we were still teenagers. Still just learning what love is. Still learning about each other. It’s as though my small wrinkles are a sign of the times we’ve been together and all we have gone through. He loves me today more than he did yesterday. As I love him now more than ever. It’s in the moment you realize that you see your other half for them. You don’t see them for their appearance or their flaws such as wrinkles, extra 20 pounds, stray eyebrow hairs or a pimple. You see them for them. You see the love and relationship you’ve built. You see how you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You want to be there for every moment with them good or bad. That’s when you know you are truly in love.