Thought for today 1/26/2013

Lots of people wonder what true love is like. How does it feel? Well I had a moment earlier that made me smile. As I was looking in the mirror, I could see that I have changed. I can see some wrinkles now. My eyes have dark circles under them and I don’t feel I still have that youthful glow. Even with me seeing these wrinkles, every morning before my husband leaves for work, he kisses my forehead where some wrinkles now appear. We have been together for years but every morning he still kisses me as though we were still teenagers. Still just learning what love is. Still learning about each other. It’s as though my small wrinkles are a sign of the times we’ve been together and all we have gone through. He loves me today more than he did yesterday. As I love him now more than ever. It’s in the moment you realize that you see your other half for them. You don’t see them for their appearance or their flaws such as wrinkles, extra 20 pounds, stray eyebrow hairs or a pimple. You see them for them. You see the love and relationship you’ve built. You see how you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You want to be there for every moment with them good or bad. That’s when you know you are truly in love.


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