158 days to go

I’ve been meaning to post much sooner yet life and work seems to always side track me. I will soon need to update my username from mommyto1 to mommyof2 🙂 We are 17 weeks pregnant now. It’s been quite a journey to say the least. I’ll post some additional entries of a few major points I’ve wanted to post about very soon!! This pregnancy has been full of morning and evening sickness. I thought the first pregnancy was bad but wow…nothing could have prepared me for this.  Most people at work still do not know I’m pregnant and I’m almost half way through. I’m not sure why but it’s nice to still have something I can keep to myself. A little secret I can for the most part keep to myself. My boss knows as well as a few coworkers but no one else and it’s nice to not have tons of questions. I know people mean well but sometimes it’s nice to just only worry about work at work. No drama. No interruptions. Just focus on work.

My my daughter is so excited for the new sibling!! We still do not know the gender yet and I cannot wait to find out. We hope it will be in just a few weeks!! I really would like to complete the family with a little boy and my husband keeps saying he just wants it to be healthy!

I’ll keep this short for now but will be posting much more of my journey soon 🙂


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