In memory of Grandma

Throughout my entire childhood, the one thing I remember about my grandma was her love for sewing. After her passing last year, my Aunt and Cousin graciously passed my grandma’s sewing machine on to me. I have always loved her sewing machine as I remember many nights sitting beside her, playing with the scraps of fabric that hit the floor. Those are just some of the many great memories that I had with my grandma. When I placed the beloved sewing machine in my craft room, I always had this idea that I’ve finally been able to complete (well one so far).

One thing that always fascinated me was the hundreds of patterns my grandma had. Years and years of collected patterns that after using several times ended up in bags or boxes. Now for me, I would go through the boxes and look at just how much styles have changed. I was born in the 80’s so I could see at least 40 years worth of styles.


My goal was that I wanted to display some of the patterns above the sewing machine. So far I’ve only made 1 but I’m planning on making 3 more. I wanted to display the pattern packaging but also the pattern itself. Here’s how it turned out….



Update 3/11/2017- I am thrilled this post is so popular. Since the birth of our son I’ve had to temporarily move my Grandmas sewing machine to our bonus room until I can complete my craft room above the garage. Our daughter is old enough now to help me create a few new pattern pictures so in the next few weeks I’ll post some new examples!

Thanks for visiting!!! 😊